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Projects: After dismasting on her way back from Hawaii, J-World ordered a new spar from Hall Spars and re-paint the whole boat. Working with plans from Doug Frolich of Marshall Yacht Design, GCRC built new composite chainplates for the now swept-back spreader rig.


Projects: Lending Club used to be an ORMA 60, ex Bonduelle, ex Gitana 12. Artemis Team used the trimaran to test their AC 72 wing sail.They lengthened the boat to 72' and in the process they built new daggerboards and bearings for the boat. When the boat sold, the bearings needed to be adapted to work with the old dagger boards.

E_RUDDER MOLD - Build a mold for making carbon emergency rudder blades

Projects: GCRC's Denis Fraisse and Doug Frolich of Marshall Yacht design conceived of an e_rudder blade design and size that could make it extremely versatile for various size yachts. Once the plug was built, we built the mold and have since pulled a number of blades from it.

Truth - Open50 - Re-Plumb Water Ballast System;  Custom Loops and Sheets

Projects: Replace valves and hoses and replumb the water ballast system; build custom loops for the running backstay system, headstay, and other high-load applications; new runner tails;  new 2:1 main halyard; new spinnaker sheets and other lines

Black Sheep - Beneteau/Farr 25 - Custom Carbon Fiber Bowsprit

Moore 24 - Under-deck Hatch; Repair Deck; New Companionway Hatches

Projects: Replace stock external companionway hatch with inside version; repair soggy deck underneath mast; paint new hatch; new standing rigging; new interior backstay wir strops; repair mast butt; move winches
Blue Angel- Moore 24 - Open Transom / Complete Paint Job

Projects: Open the transom; repair deck damage / wet core; new foredeck hatch; rig  floating leads instead of tracks; paint deck, topsides, and bottom; new carbon tiller; new fiberglass barney post inside cockpit; floor traveller
Double Trouble - J125 - TransPac 2011 Preparation

Projects: Carbon crash pads; new Pole-Out system with composite eyes on the pole tube; composite eyes to replace Harken turning blocks for checkstays and spinny sheets; repair cracking bulkheads and add clearcoat carbon chafe strips; replace halyard blocks with custom G10 Padeyes integrated with a deck tie-down system; stack tie-down loops in deck; new composite padeyes for bow netting; emergency rudder system; angled driver platform; carbon companionway and vertical hatches; halyard deflector system for genoa staysail; deck tie-down system for genoa & spinnaker staysails; custom carbon fiber bunks; new Dynex sk78 spinnaker sheets with vectran polyester cover; new back up masthead halyard; vhf antena at masthead; spreader / rig tape job with 3m extruded chafe tape; foulie drying line in bow;

Deception - Santa Cruz 50 - Custom Hull-Deck Joint and Deck Repair

Projects: Glass the hull-deck joint; replace aluminum chainplates and repair deck; repair deck underneath headstay fitting; build custom bases for padeyes on rail; isolate aluminum parts from carbon deck; final paint job both Gloss and non-skid areas

War Pony - Farr36 - Preparation for Pacific Cup 2010

Projects: Complete deck repair / paint job;  re-rig of deck systems; build a custom hard dodger; build a navigation table; fix sources of leaks in the boat; rig bunk adjustment lines; install custoim G10 padeyes inside boat for stowing gear; re-vamp kelp cutter system; seal keel box; build a custom stove and set up the galley; build offshore sheets and halyards; install emergency rudder hardware; install custom staysail composite padeye and lash to bulkhead below;
custom ferule/ padeyes

Watchuhurri - Islander 30 - New paint job, New deck Layout, Structural Repairs to Bulkhead, Complete Rig overhaul with New Paint, New Standing Rigging

Projects: Design new deck paint and hardware layout making use of interplay between non-skid and glossy areas; complete rid overhaul with new paint job including boom; repair of damaged mastbutt with a custom sleeve; new standing rigging; new vang; install reefing system; repair rotten main bulkhead; install new head; build new G10 beauty plate for chainplates and re-bed all chainplates

Ruhm Boogie - Holby Quest 33 - Install a PBO Backstay and Contious Purchase System; Install Bow Netting

Projects: As prep for the 2010 Pacific Cup, we installed a PBO backstay with wire for SSB radio. We re-vamped the purchase system and control lines such that the last purchase is a continuous line that exits both port and starboard. We also replaced some lines in the cockpit. We installed G10 padeyes on the bow to rig bow netting.

Designer Coffee Table

Project: Repair a large crack along the table edge. Refinish the table
Goldstar - Grand Banks Fishing Schooner - Replace Standing Rigging; Dynamic Tune

Projects: Back off turnbuckles and lube threads; Replace Formast shrouds (3/8 wire; Swage eyes for the top; Hi-Mod Norseman eyes for the bottom); Replace mainmast upper shrouds; replace bowsprit sidestays; replace running backstays; perform a dynamic tune