GC Marine
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Services we provide:

Rig Inspections

Standing Rigging and Lifelines
- swaged on location with a WireTekniks 350 swager
- up 5/8" wire

Custom Line Splicing / High-tech Rigging Parts / Loops
- line for both cruising and racing applications
- custom dyneema strops and loops for high-load running rigging applications such as halyard locks, runner blocks, etc.

Custom fiberGlass / Carbon Fiber Parts
- cool and incredibly strong carbon fiber manufacturing
- Bow sprits, dodgers, nav tables, crash pads, mainsheet swivel bases, etc.

Rig Tune / Rig Maintenance
- mast pulling and complete disassemble / service package
- static or dockside rig tune
- dynamic rig tune for racers

Custom Parts / Sheaves
- custom low/high-load sheaves with oilite bearing
- soft thru-deck loops with G10 bases
- stainless / aluminum / G10 / Delrin

Fiberglass / Carbon Repair

- collision repair
- stress failure or re-inforcements
- deck coring / water-proofing

  Fiberglass Furniture Repair
- repair of fractures, scratches, impacts
- refinishing: gelcoat / paint finishes
- shape modifications