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Rhum Boogie - Quest 33

Projects: Install lifeline netting; build new backstay system with PBO backstay, below-decks purchase, and light-weight dyneema; replace blocks with friction rings; install custom delrin inserts in cockpit floor to replace leaky thru-deck blocks

Ruhm Boogie before the race.
We used custom G10 padeyes to rig the bow netting. We used ProSet epoxy to glue them down. We drill zero holes, there's no bolts, no screws, no sealants, nothing sharp that could damage sails. We customized the padeyes by painting them a light grey color and using red maxijacket coating on the spectra eye.
As part as the prep for the Pac Cup, we resid the backstay system with a PBO stay with wire for an SSB radio. We replaced giant blocks with tiny ferrules. Stronger, 90% lighter, lower windage, no moving parts, 0 maintenance... Cost of block: $180 Cost of ferrule: $18

The bottom of the PBO backstay ends in a lashing eye.   We used white Samson AS78 dyneema core to rig the purchases. AS78 is incredibly strong and in the white color is more resistant to UV.
We used a single braid Maffioli equivalent for the final control line. This line runs through blocks beatifully. We spliced it together in a continuous loop.
The control line purchases live below the cockpit floor in a dry compartment and exit through custom delrin plugs.