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Moore 24 - Under-deck Hatch; Repair Deck; New Companionway Hatches      (back to showcase home page)

Projects: Glass in customer's under-deck hatch part (this modification is allowed in the Moore 24 class and makes getting across the deck durin tacks way easier); build new carbon companionway hatches; repair deck damage; core deck underneath mast; paint deck around hatch; new standing rigging; new backstay wire strops below deck; move winches; new jib halyard clutch on mast; repair mast butt

Here is the "before" pic: original external deck hatch with teak sliders; plastic (lexan) hatch.
A crack in the deck close to the mast plate due to water damage in the core.
Close up of the hatch area before the  transformation.
Original hatch seen from the inside.

The "garage" that will glass on the inside.
We built the carbon sliding hatch and tested it out on the garage tracks to make sure it slid well.
The garage tracks we underbuilt and flex alot so we stiffened them up by adding a section of foam and then glass.
Prepping the tracks before glassing.

Time to build the downward flange needed for the interior hatch.  The new flange seen from the inside.
More of the inside flange.  The original mahogany core underneath the mast needed to b replaced. G10 works great for this. 

Time to fit the garage. We align the front edges and make sure it's paralell to the deck.  G10 plate below mast step and bad core removed.
The garage glassed in.
Trim the original vertical flange and then it's time to putty and primer. 

After the paint job is done we installed the hatches and bolted in the trim pieces.  Low profile locking system.  The hatch has a nifty detail not seen here that prevents water from running down and dripping into the boat.
We rolled on epoxy primer for the inside portion.

The finalized hatch from the inside.