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EMERGENCY RUDDER SYSTEM with cockpit floor-mounted upper gudgeon

Installing the system is easy. In almost all cases we can do this at the dock. We will core the holes if there is any balsa core or foam in the area. We also build G10 backing plates that are structurally bonded to the interior surface.
To make steering more comfortable, we added a carbon helm extension. The blade is installed far enough away from the backstay to allow for adequate steering angles. The system is designed to be deployed with the boat depowered to reduce the angle of heel, keeping more of the blade submerged.
We use a single, hollow stainless steel pin which is more than adequately strong and lighter than a solid rod. A quick-release pin holds it in place. Everything is secured to lanyards so you won't accidentally drop it during deployment.
The e-tiller is a carbon tube that is notched in the back end. A quick-release pin keeps it firmly in place while in use. We use a bungee line to hold the blade all the way down. Alternatively, we can make the amount of blade submerged adjustable depending on sea conditions.
Close-up of the lower gudgeon. A stainless swivel bearing inside provides universal movement, so the system doesn't lock-up if you don't have perfect alignment betwen upper and lower gudgeons.