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Deception - Santa Cruz 50 - Glass Hull-Deck Joint     (back to showcase home page)

Projects: Glass the hull-deck joint; remove aluminum rails and backing plates; repair the carbon laminate where the corrosion attacked it; build custom bases for new hardware; custom soft loops bow netting; replace damaged chainplates; core the deck around chainplates

We started by removing the track and toe rails off the boat.
In some areas the aluminum had fizzed away almost completely.
More of the same damaged rails on the bow.
In some areas the aluminum fizz had nowhere to go and pushed its way between the hull and deck, damaging the carbon fiber laminate.

This aluminum backing plate was used for the checkstay and runner block padeye. The aluminum oxide had nowehere to go an pushed up the bottom skin of the deck.  Deck damage underneath where the backing plate was in contact with the carbon.
After cleaning up all the damage we glued G10 dowels in the old fastener holes and then glassed the joint.
We puttied the glassed joint.

The SC50 has aluminum chainplates which over time began reacting with the carbon deck. We pulled the chainplates out and replaced one that had been eaten up pretty badly.
Even if the visible areas of the chainplate appear intact, there could still be significant damage where it traverses the deck.
Deep pitting where the carbon and moisture in the deck touched the aluminum.
We used g10 to core the deck across the entire chainplate area to keep the carbon away from the aluminum and any moisture away from the balsa core.

We also replaced the aluminum beauty plates above decks with g10, which we glued to the deck to further stiffen up the area.
We also had to repair the headstay area and tie-rod system in the bow which was also fizzing.  More deck damage below the headstay fitting and tack fitting inside the boat. The balsa core was sopping wet for several inches going aft.
We then buit a special cored section combining corecell foam and g10 to replace the rotten balsa core.

We vacuum-bagged the repair.
The laminated area post cure.
The finished rail with a custom folding padeye base.
New G10 chainplate covers and raised track on G10 base. 

New bow fiberglass toe-rail and composite padeyes for bow netting.  Composite padeyes are completely dry, lightweight, and will never snag on line or rip kites during takedowns.  Raised jib tracks and high-load composite padeye for the twing and #1 outboard lead.   Custom spinnaker sheet raised padeye and base.