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Designer Coffee Table Repair

Projects: Repair large crack on edge of table. Refinish edge

When we first got the table, it had a crack running across almost the entire length of the top "lid" so we just cracked the lid completely off.
Here is the table lid, upside down. They did a rough coring job to stiffen it up. The problem is they never glassed the joint where it's glued to the bottom. Basically this table held together with gelcoat.
Because the joint area is so thin, we couldn't re-glue the lid and then glass it in from the outside. We decided to add a fiberglass lip behind the glue joint on the inside. We used clay and green tape with Part-all.
The lip before we started trimming it. Once trimmed it will help support a large bead of epoxy glue and keep it pressed up againt the seam.

We put the lid back on, slid some spacers in the joint, and shot thickened epoxy through the gap. When we finally closed the lid, the epoxy came oozing out of the glue joint... proof of a solid bond.
We sanded the excess epoxy and got a perfect seam.
More of the initial repair.
I then taped off the rest of the table and shot a very thick layer of gelcoat along the edge of the table. I just made a hard line right along the upper and lower radiused edge, with the intention of wet-sanding it out later. 

The finished product, ouside in the sun.
The finished product in the shop.