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GCRC is now building carbon tubing to make light-weight carbon bunks for race and cruising boats. The bunks can be either 3-sided with a plastic track for a bolt-rope on the outboard side, or 4-sided. We build custom carbon elbows to any angle, maximizing adaptability to interior spaces.


It's always a difficult to find good attachment points for supporting the bunk on the outboard and inboard sides. Many boats have liners or other nice finish elements that make it hard to add hardware and preserve the integrity of the interior. To solve this problem, we have developed various low-profile attachment types that can either be mechanically fastened or bonded and match the professional finish of your interior.

For rigging the control lines (lines that adjust the bunk's angle), we like to use our composite padeyes which can be bonded right to the underside of the deck, and in some cases can even be installed behind a liner, leaving a small dyneema loop protruding through a delrin fairing. The dyneema loop can then support either small blocks, or aluminum or delrin ferrules for rigging the control line.


Attachment end for bonding straight to the hull. We like to use
ball joints so the pin doesn't have to be square to the tube.

Ball joint at end of tube

To rig the control line we use a composite padeye,
in this case glued to the the deck laminate behind the liner.


Please email us for pricing or if you have any questions.

Example of a 3-sided carbon frame with a bolt-rope/ track for the outboard side; pastic track is screwed and bonded to hull; canvas lashed in with bungee
(Canvas work by Cover Craft)

To rig the control lines we include a dyneema loop
that has an internal re-inforcement

We make elbows that sleave into the tubes.
Elbows can be made to custom angles

Example of an attachment type when a bulkhead
borders the edge of the bunks

To release the bunk, simply pull the
locking collar back and separate the two sides

Composite padeye for rigging the control lines