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Gilles Combrisson

Gilles Com
brisson was born in France and spent many of his childhood summers by the sea, either in France, Italy, or what was then Yugoslavia. Those formative years lead to a passion for the water and sailing which came to fruition on San Francisco Bay. Gilles has made the crossing between SF and Hawaii 8 times and raced the Bay and California coast for over a decade. A student of Scott Easom, Gilles specializes in innovative rigging solutions for yachts of all makes and sizes. Gilles' greatest area of interest is combining new advances in reinforced textile technology to build super light and super strong rigging widgets.
Denis Fraisse

Denis Fraisse is a master laminator, spar builder, and composite technician. He has worked on projects ranging the America's Cup 2012 in San Francisco, building the 60-foot IMOCA Safran (www.safransixty.com) a aproject by the prestigious VPLP, Marc Guillemot, and Mutipole,  to  building a 28-foot foiler catamaran with Psaros Shipyard in Switzerland. He has experience building spars at Formula Marine (www.formula-marine.com).  When he isn't working with composites  Denis enjoys building kitesurf boards, repairing carbon fiber bikes, and converting vans into custom camping machines... Ok, so he likes working with composites.